Parfum Musk Al Aroos


Musk Al Aroos Eau de Parfum is a creamy, woody fragrance with notes of cinnamon, oudh and guaiac wood.

Musk Al Aroos begins strongly in the top note with cinnamon, Oudh and nutmeg, with cinnamon dominating the top note.

The heart note is more subtle with jasmine and sandalwood and less pronounced than its predecessor.

The base is pleasantly creamy, woody and soothing with black musk that exudes animal notes, vanilla, gaiac wood, amber and cedar.

Unlike its name, Musk Al Aroos is not a pure perfume of Oud, but a pleasant slightly sweet oriental mix that is also suitable for beginners in Oudh. Only the top note is strong enough in this fragrance, as is often the case with Oriental fragrances

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